Run Course

SprintFest - 5km (Rushfest heat 1)
EnticerFest- 2.5km (RushFest heat 2)
KidsFest - 1km

​Competitors will be required to complete 2 x 2.5km lap for the run in the SprintFest event and 1 x 2.5km EnticerFest event and 1 x 1km Lap in KidsFest.

Swim Course

SprintFest - 500m (Heat 1 RushFest)
EnticerFest - 150m (Heat 2 RushFest)
KidsFest - 75m

​Competitors will be required to complete 1 x 500m (around pier) lap for the swim in the SprintFest event and 1 x 150m lap for the EnticerFest event and 1 x 75m Lap for Kids Fest (shallow water)

Race start will be on the beautiful Semaphore Beach. Competitors will swim in an Anti-Clockwise direction for SprintFest and clockwise for Enticer/KidsFest in the crystal clear waters.

Bike Course

SprintFest - 20km
EnticerFest - 8km
KidsFest - 2.5km

​Competitors will be required to complete 3 laps for the  SprintFest event, 1 lap for the EnticerFest event and 1 x 2.5km course for Kidsfest.