Hammer nutrition Bike Course

SprintFest - 20km
EnticerFest - 9km

Competitors will be required to complete 5 x 4km laps for the SprintFest event.
Competitors will be required to complete 3 x 3km laps for the EnticerFest event
RushFest athletes will complete both of these bike legs in the corresponding event

The SprintFest bike course is a 4km out and back course along the magnificent Cottesloe Coastline, the course is flat except for a slight hill as competitors complete a small loop going up Beach Street and down Gibney Street. This loop is only completed heading out. The course is scenic, fast. 
The EnticerFest bike course is a 3km out and back course without the completing the loop of Beach and Gibney Street and will turn a little earlier than the Sprint Course.


Centrally located in the heart of Cottesloe Main Beach between the Indiana and the Surf Club.

kidsfest Course

KidsFest - 75m swim / 3km bike / 1km run

KidsFest Competitors will be required to complete 1 x 75m loop for the swim, 1 x 3km lap for the bike and 1 x 1km lap for the Run.

The course is a straight forward out and back flat course, whether its your first triathlon or your still building your confidence, this is the perfect course for you.
Be sure to capture those photo opportunities!!

ON Running Run Course

SprintFest - 5km
EnticerFest - 2km

Competitors will be required to complete 1 x 5km lap for the SprintFest event and 1 x 2km lap for the EnticerFest.

The run course is an out and back course taking in some of the most spectacular scenery along Cottesloe Beach. The course is relatively flat and fast and follows the footpath.

Rocket Science Swim Course

SprintFest - 500m
EnticerFest - 150m

Competitors will be required to complete 1 x 500m lap for the SprintFest event and 1 x 150m lap for the EnticerFest event.
RushFest athletes wil complete both of these swims in the corresponding event

Race start will be on the famous Cottesloe Beach next to the famous Indiana. Competitors will swim in a Clockwise direction in the crystal clear Indian Ocean waters.