Bike Course

OlyFest - 40km
SprintFest - 20km
EnticerFest - 10km
KidsFest - 2.5km

​Competitors will be required to complete 2x10km laps for the olyfest, 4 x 10km laps for the SprintFest event, 1x 10km laps for the Enticerfest and 1 x 2.5km laps for the Kidsfest event. 

The bike course is a out and back course along the beach rd. The course is flat. . The course is scenic and fast. 

Run Course

OlyFest - 10km
SprintFest - 5km
EnticerFest - 2.5km
KidsFest - 1km

​Competitors will be required to complete 4 x 2.5km Lap for the OlyFest, 2 x 2.5km lap for the run in the SprintFest event and 1 x 2.5km lap for the EnticerFest event and 1km Lap for KidsFest.

The run course is an out and back 2.5km course taking in some of the spectacular scenery along the Beach Rd.  EnticerFest will do 1 x 2.5km lap. The course is relatively flat with some small undulations. The course follows the compact gravel footpath alongside the beach.


Transition is centrally located in Peter Scullin Reserve

Swim Course

OlyFest - 1500m
SprintFest - 750m
EnticerFest - 150m
KidsFest - 75m

​Competitors will be required to complete 2 x750m lap for olyfest and 1 x 750m lap for the SprintFest event and 1 x 150m Lap for Enticerfest and 1 lap for Kidsfest.

Race start will be a beach start on the stunning Mordialloc Beach. Competitors will swim in an Anti-Clockwise direction in the crystal clear waters of Port Phillip Bay.