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Join us for on of Victoria's most popular weekend triathlon festivals. Held in the beautiful Coastal Town of Warrnambool, the event provides the perfect location for triathlon and running events. 

Half Ironfest, Olyfest, Sprintfest, KidsFest and All Abilities courses will remain pretty much the same as previous years. 


Half Iron Course 22.50km x 4 Laps
OlyFest 22.50km x 2 Laps
SprintFest 22.50km x 1 lap
*Please note updated bike course will be available shortly


The full run course is 10.5km, heading out to The Pavillion where the 5km turn around is located
Sufferfest Half Iron Distance 21.1km - 2 laps
​Olympic Distance 10.5km - 1 lap
Sprint Distance 5km - 1/2 lap
*NB: Kids, Enticer & All abilities complete a differ course. Maps available soon. 


The following is a course overview by Geelong Performance Coaching Head Coach Stephane. A great insight into what to expect on race day.


The swim is done in the Hopkins River. Clean and flat water is usually on the menu. The water is a mix of fresh & salty water depending on the movement of sand at it’s entrance to the ocean. It is a beach start and you can do heaps of running and dolphining, so make sure you practise this in training. Run fast and get clear water. Slow start might mean that you will get blocked and bashed at the first buoy. Take a right at the first buoy and swim to the bridge and back. It is a two lap course so take a right turn at the last buoy near the water exit and do another lap. Keep all the buoys on your right apart from the last one at the water exit on your second lap. Turn around it keeping it on your left and then focus on dolphining and running again as it is much faster than swimming.


Transition is very well marked. Get out of the water using the ramp (it has carpet on it), cross the road across to transition. You will have to run around transition, then take a left to access your bike.
To exit, you will have to head towards Blue Hole Road and take a right to head towards Hopkins Point Road.


The bike is challenging, you start with a bit of flat when you head to the end of the Marfell Road Bridge, then you turn around and head towards 'the beast'. The beast is about 500m long and quite steep. You will need a 39 or 42 x25 to climb up it as it might also get windy. Disc wheels are ok but I would not have higher dish then 40mm at the front unless you are over 80kgs. If you are under 60kgs, stick to 2 x 40mm high dish or have a 60mm back and 40mm front. If you are over 70kms, you could get away with 2 x 80mm. Bring different wheel options so you are prepared for strong winds- not uncommon in the area. Side winds are frequent and we do not want anyone to get pushed out off road or into oncoming bike traffic. The roads are in good condition but it has that typical country road slightly rougher surface.
When you get on top of the beast, it is undulated and usually windy. You ride for about 5kms before taking a left into Tooram Road then you only ride 1.5kms before the turn around. You ride past Hopkins Point Road but you keep going straight this time into Burkes Road for 1.5kms again before you turn around and get back into Hopkins Point road and to the finish. Sufferfest is 4 laps and each time you have to ride to the other side of the Marfell Road Bridge before you head back up to the beast. It is always slower on the way back from Burkes road unless you get a tail wind.
A bike aid station with water and Hammer Nutrition will be available to you on each lap as you head back towards transition. 


Transition is very well marked. Get in where you excited near Logan Beach Road. Drop your bikes at your spot and get out using using the same corridor you used to get in after the swim leg.


Run across Blue Hole Road to get onto a single track that will lead you on the footpath along the Marfell Road Bridge. At the end of the bridge, take a left into Warrnambool Foreshore Promenade.
The start of the run is hard. You start with a long hill (1km) that has a sharp incline at the end. When you reach the top you run down all the way to the beach. Make sure you relax your shoulders, don’t heel strike and keep the cadence up. The entire run is on a concrete asphalt and some section have a board walk to run on. When you are along the ocean, the terrain is lightly undulated. The turn around at the Pavillon near the breakwater. The long distance race will have 2 laps to get done.
There will be 2 run aid stations on the run course at approximately 2.5km from transtion, and at the far turnaround (approximately 5km). Water, Hammer Nutrition and flat coke will be available to you at each aid station on each lap. 

Think about pacing and a good nutrition plan on a course like this. This is an awesome race that you will thoroughly enjoy. A good, hard and honest country race. Don’t come here for a fast time but come for the challenge, the views and the beauty of it course. Train safe :) 
Coach Stephane
Geelong Performance Coaching