We have teamed up with Geelong Performance Coaching (GPC) to offer to training tips, advice, and guidance in training for the Warrnambool Sufferfest Multisport Festival.

They will also be running a transition tour on the Saturday - so stay tuned to our event guide for these times. So whether you are training for the Sufferfest Long Course or racing your first triathlon. Stay tuned for plenty of advice as we lead into the event - INCLUDING a run down of the course itself. 

who are geelong performance coaching?

Geelong Performance Coaching (GPC) was founded by Stephane Vander Bruggen. With over 25 years in the sport as a triathlete and coach, and with both parents being triathletes, it’s fair to say that he has plenty of experience and triathlon is in his blood. Stephane has many accolades as a triathlete himself, however it is coaching and seeing his athletes succeed that has become his passion.

Geelong Performance Coaching is focused on athletes who want to maximise their time and performance by following a program tailored to their individual goals - by an experienced and qualified coach who is dedicated to achieving a balance between sport and work / family commitments. We understand that everyone has different goals and experience and therefore will cater your program to ensure you are pushed within your limits.

Our Point Of Difference: 
All of our athletes receive individual customised programs designed to get them to their specific goal(s).
We DO NOT take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach.
We do this because we realise no two athletes are the same. There are so many factors that are taken into account when designing a successful training program, such as: Availability, Pre-existing Injuries, Experience, Motivation, Personal Health, and more!
So all our programs are unique and are regularly tweaked when the training situation changes.

Our services include: 
Development and Triathlon Squad Program
Intermediate Age Group Triathlon Program
Advanced Age-Group and Elite Triathlon Program
Off Road & Adventure Multisport Program 
Swim Squad (GAC Crawlers) for all levels
Individual Swim, Cycle, Run, Mountain Bike, Paddling or

Trail Running Coaching for development, intermediate, advanced & off road

For more information on our services check out our Coaching page

or to make an enquiry contact us here. 


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